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Post: | This week’s best radio: Andy Partridge’s life of XTC

May 20, 2017 | - "Pop stars rarely tell the whole truth about themselves when they first become famous. The full story comes years later. In a new series of The Voices of … (23 May, 11.30am, Radio 4) XTC leader Andy Partridge recalls a difficult upbringing in Swindon."

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Post: | ATTITUDE ADJUSTER is an Amusing Novelty for Couples - Designed by InventHelp Client (BRK-2229)

May 20, 2017 | - "Couples often lose sight of their romantic reasons for being together, and they might not know how to get each other's attention in an effective and softening manner. "I wanted to offer newlyweds and other couples a fun and entertaining way to express their love and make light of the small things in life," said an inventor from Dadeville, Ala., "so I came up with the ATTITUDE ADJUSTER. So far it has worked wonderfully.""

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